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How to Get Rid of Tummy Tuck Scars?

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Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is one of the most popular and effective cosmetic procedures every year. In fact, nearly 100,000 tummy tuck procedures were performed in 2020

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And when you look at the stunning results that can be achieved with this procedure, there’s really no wonder why so many men and women choose to undergo a tummy tuck. 

However, a tummy tuck is an invasive surgical procedure, which means that incisions will be made, and there will be resulting scars. For many people, the thought of scars on the skin can keep them from undergoing a cosmetic surgery like a tummy tuck; however, there are ways to minimize scars so that you can enjoy your transformative results while not needing to worry about noticeable marks on your skin.

How Is a Tummy Tuck Performed? 

At your tummy tuck consultation, you will be able to discuss your cosmetic concerns, and your aesthetic surgeon will be able to evaluate your condition to create a surgical plan that is right for you.

Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia to ensure that you do not feel any pain or discomfort during your surgery. Once the anesthesia is administered, your surgeon will make an incision across your belly, just above your pubic area. 

Depending on the extent of the procedure, this incision may stretch from hip to hip (for a full tummy tuck), be just a few inches in length (for a mini tummy tuck), or wrap around the back (for an extended tummy tuck). 

Liposuction surgery may be used to remove any stubborn fat in the area. At this point in the procedure, your plastic surgeon will tighten your abdominal muscles with internal sutures and surgically remove any excess skin in the midsection. 

Finally, the remaining skin will be tightened before the incisions are closed. 

What Are the Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Men and women of all ages suffer from sagging skin and stubborn fat in the midsection. However, a tummy tuck addresses all of these concerns to give you a more sculpted and contoured midsection. Additionally, tummy tuck surgery can be performed as a standalone procedure, or you can choose to combine your tummy tuck into a Mommy Makeover procedure.

Not only are the benefits physical, but you can look forward to improved confidence and comfort in the way you look. After your tummy tuck, you can find yourself wearing the clothes you’ve always wanted to wear and participating in your favorite activities. 

How Can You Minimize Scarring?

As mentioned above, scars are a natural part of invasive surgeries like tummy tucks. Fortunately, scars will fade over time and incisions for your tummy tuck will be made in an area of your body that is usually concealed by underwear or bathing suits. 

That said, if you are concerned about the tummy tuck scar and want to reduce its appearance, there are several different actions you can take. 

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can be used to reduce the presence of scars. These procedures use light energy or CO₂ energy to increase collagen in the skin, which will help strengthen and improve the general health of the targeted area. 

In particular, fractional CO₂ skin resurfacing treatments can help give you smoother and more scar-free skin in a painless and effective treatment that takes less than an hour to perform.


Along with laser treatments, microneedling is an effective and trusted non-surgical approach to correcting the appearance of scars resulting from cosmetic surgery. Though many people are nervous about the concept of microneedling, since it involves creating dozens of tiny puncture wounds on the skin, this treatment can help stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, which can help give you smoother skin. 

At Aesthetic Care Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we take microneedling to the next level by offering microneedling with radiofrequency energy so that you can have the very best results possible.  

Topical Ointments and Creams

Though generally not as effective as non-surgical cosmetic treatments, there are various creams and topical ointments, including silicone gel scar sheets and steroid applications, that can help to reduce the appearance of scars. These ointments, along with time, can help you achieve a smoother appearance for your tummy tuck incisions

Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about tummy tuck surgery, along with the recovery process and reducing the appearance of scars after your procedure, then contact Dr. Ronald Moser today. Call (949) 722-6603 (Newport Beach), (949) 661-1700 (San Juan Capistrano), (951) 737-3236 (Corona), or (800) 662-1055 (Encinitas), or you can use our online form to schedule your consultation today.

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