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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

AesthetiCare Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Orange County, San Diego and Riverside is committed to giving you the most current and advanced medical information regarding Ear Surgery. If you have prominent or protruding ears, otoplasty is the only procedure to correct them. Your surgeons at AesthetiCare will discuss the outcome and realistic expectations you desire. Satisfaction from corrective ear surgery is among the highest of all cosmetic procedures. You will find the most accurate and knowledgeable information and advice, as it relates to your interest in enhancing your appearance with corrective ear surgery, throughout our website. Attention to detail in all areas of your surgical experience is of paramount importance to us.

From your initial consultation, pre-operative preparation and surgical procedure, to your compressive aftercare, our physicians and staff place your safety and satisfaction ahead of everything else.

Kids often tease their peers without realizing how much they are hurting each others feelings. But comments, like “can you fly with those ears?”, are enough to send any youngster into hiding. Ear surgery, also called otoplasty, can make large ears smaller or bring protruding ears closer to the head.

Your child’s ears stop growing outward by about age four. It is best to perform the surgery before a child enters school in order to prevent teasing by insensitive classmates. However, ear surgery can be performed at any age, including adults.

Your surgeon will usually make an incision in the back of the ear. The cartilage is reshaped and bent back towards the head. Sometimes a piece of cartilage is removed to provide for a more natural fold. The head and ears are wrapped with a bulky bandage to help mold and protect the ears. The ears will be sore for a few days. Any discomfort can be controlled by pain medication prescribed by your surgeon.

Adults are usually up and around the same day of surgery, but kids should take it easy for a couple of days. They can usually return to school in a week to ten days, but they need to be careful on the playground. The bulky dressing and sutures are removed in five to seven days. There will be a faint scar on the back of the ear that will fade over time. A lightweight headband is worn during sleep for the first few weeks.

Children, and adults, are usually thrilled with their new ears. For kids, it has a tremendous impact on their self-esteem to have natural looking ears.
Other ear problems can also be corrected. Surgery can repair torn or stretched earlobes and large earlobes can be made smaller and more attractive.

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