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Rosacea is a common but poorly understood disorder of the facial skin that is estimated to affect well over 16 million Americans. Most commonly, certain ethnic groups are more likely to note Rosacea to be familial. In the US, the population is higher when at least one parent is of Irish or English descent or individuals are Scandinavian, Scottish, Welsh or Eastern Europe descent.

Most individuals report feeling embarrassed by the central -face redness and constant flushing. For some, Rosacea will undergo changes resembling acne and more often broken facial veins on the nose, cheeks or chin.

Commonly reported triggers may be seasonal or cyclical with the following exposures: sun, emotional stress, extreme weather including altitude, alcohol (red wines), spicy foods, heavy exercise and indoor heat. Often, individuals complain of skin sensitivities after using over-the-counter products and are thought to be intolerant of cleansing and anti-aging skin care products. If you’re interested in learning more about Rosacea Treatments, contact Aestheticare in Orange county, San Diego or Riverside to schedule your consultation.

The Benefits of Rosacea Treatments

Since the cause of Rosacea is unknown, simply controlling the signs and symptoms of this emotionally and aesthetically disruptive condition is recommended. These include: redness on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, small visible broken facial vessels, or bumps or pimples on the face. Subtle yet consistent improvement will be seen after every treatment with renewed skin texture, a reduction of facial redness and pores and a more even skin tone.


Traditional medications have not proven to control Rosacea as predictably as light-based laser treatments ( IPL-Photofacials). This makes laser procedures the mainstay therapy to safely reduce redness, eliminate broken facial veins and capillaries and minimize damage to surrounding skin.

Combination therapy with select skin care products work synergistically in treating Rosacea by gearing to control sebum production, reduce inflammation and the presence of telangiectasias (broken facial vessels), reduce pore size and eliminate pustules and pimples.

A diligent skin care regimen will compliment the results of laser therapy.

Are you a Candidate for Rosacea Treatments?

First and foremost, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis of Rosacea, as other skin disorders and infections can mimic it. We pride ourselves on providing skilled expertise in determining dermatological conditions at Aestheticare Med Spa.

IPL/Photofacial treatments work best on individuals with light to medium skin tones ( the predominant type with Rosacea).

If the emotional impact of facial redness, aggravated acne breakouts or broken spider veins on the face are a concern, if you believe you are constantly battling “sensitive skin”, if you find yourself wearing make-up for cover-up alone, then you would be a perfect candidate for evaluation and treatment.

Results of Rosacea Treatments

There is no cure for Rosacea, so controlling a healthy skin balance, reducing inflammation and eliminating broken facial vessels, redness and acneic outbreaks, is the standard of care. See how incredible the combination therapy of IPL /Photofacials and a recommended skin care protocol can turn back the hands of time!


Rosacea treatments with IPL/ Photofacials require no social down-time. Often individuals will come during work or a busy social schedule and return without need of recovery. Benefits of the procedure can often be seen immediately after the treatment and will continue to emerge for up to 4 weeks afterwards.

Most individuals will require 3-4 sessions/ year to maintain control of Rosacea. Exposure to known triggers will warrant more frequent therapy ( i.e. change in diet, weather, stress) .
Once again, since Rosacea is not a curable condition, regular visits to control and maintain healthy skin will be most beneficial. Occasionally, new treatments and skin care products become available and the expertise of an aesthetic specialist will help secure the best results.

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