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As women age, their levels of estrogen drop, resulting in vaginal atrophy. Because of this, many peri- and post-menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness and urinary leakage when they cough or sneeze. Pregnancy, surgery, and cancer treatments can also affect vaginal health. For millions of women, vaginal dryness, itching, or burning is a common and frustrating condition. Patients can alleviate these uncomfortable side effects and restore their sexual health by seeking treatment with RejuVAnate. At AesthetiCare, we understand the personal nature of RejuVAnate therapy and how to approach each patient’s case with compassionate care.

What Can RejuVAnate Improve?

Sexual Pleasure

Sexual Pleasure

Vaginal dryness and other intimate conditions can have a negative impact on a woman’s sexual pleasure. These side effects are usually associated with menopause and can make intercourse uncomfortable or even painful. RejuVAnate addresses various vaginal concerns to help women feel more confident about their bodies and improve their sexual health.

Overall Comfort

Overall Comfort

Many peri- and post-menopausal women struggle with vaginal dryness, itching, and burning. Unfortunately, these conditions can be a source of significant discomfort and embarrassment. By promoting natural lubrication and vaginal elasticity using gentle laser technology, RejuVAnate can enhance a woman’s overall comfort and quality of life.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence

As menopause progresses, the production of estrogen is reduced, resulting in urogenital deterioration. Pregnancy can also weaken the pelvic floor and cause urinary incontinence. Non-surgical treatment with RejuVAnate helps target uncontrollable urinary leakage by strengthening the supporting ligaments in the bladder and urethra, eliminating embarrassing accidents.

Your RejuVAnate Experience

RejuVAnate treatment is customized to address your individual needs, including vaginal dryness, discomfort, itching, and lack of sensation. During your consultation at AesthetiCare, your specialist will review your medical history and assess your condition to determine if you are a candidate for RejuVAnate. You will also be provided with procedural details that pertain to your unique treatment plan.

The RejuVAnate device delivers pulsed CO2 laser energy to the inner and outer tissues of the vagina. This state-of-the-art and minimally invasive treatment gently stimulates collagen production, rejuvenating the vaginal area and enhancing functionality. Each session lasts about five minutes, so most patients are in and out of their appointment in 30 minutes or less.



There is no downtime or discomfort following RejuVAnate treatment. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately, but intercourse must be avoided for three to five days after a RejuVAnate procedure.


RejuVAnate does not involve creating incisions in the treated area, so there is no risk of scarring following treatment.


The cost of RejuVAnate treatment depends on the severity of your condition and the number of sessions needed to achieve the relief you desire. The cost of your personalized procedure will be calculated during your consultation, and any applicable financing options will be discussed with you.


The sensation of RejuVAnate treatment can range from nothing at all to a slight tingling, but there is no need for anesthesia or pain medication. Most patients who opt for RejuVAnate report having a comfortable experience.


*The content of this video is intended for a mature audience and depicts animation of the female genitalia. Any information on this video is intended for general guidance only and must never be considered a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or qualified healthcare professional.

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