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Chin Augmentation

A well-defined and balanced facial structure can be easily achieved with implants. Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that involves placing an implant to augment an underdeveloped or inconspicuous chin. Our knowledgeable surgeons at AesthetiCare in Orange County, San Diego, and Riverside are specially trained in the most advanced surgical techniques and can deliver the stunning results you desire.

What Can Chin Augmentation Achieve?

Facial Harmony

Facial Harmony

A symmetrical and balanced facial aesthetic is a desirable quality for both male and female patients. A noticeably small chin can accentuate other features, like an overbite or a large nose, making them appear more pronounced. Chin augmentation restores facial harmony by correcting deficiencies of the chin and producing a more proportionate relationship between your features.

Enhanced Definition

Enhanced Definition

Some patients might be unhappy with having soft or indiscernible features, particularly in areas of the face that should be more prominent. Chin augmentation improves the contours of the face by enhancing definition. Patients who choose to undergo this procedure can also minimize a stubborn double chin. An augmented chin helps sculpt the jawline and facial profile for a unique, attractive aesthetic.

Improved Confidence

Improved Confidence

Having a weak or underdeveloped chin can be upsetting for many individuals. Often, those with small chins are displeased with their facial contours and overall appearance. Typically, those who opt for chin augmentation experience a boost in their self-esteem. Having a strong, prominent chin can make you feel more confident about your looks and improve your quality of life.

Your Chin Augmentation Journey

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will listen to your expectations of the procedure and help determine the most effective approach to reach your goals. You will go over your medical history as well as your cosmetic concerns, and your aesthetic surgeon will review the potential risks associated with your surgery. A customized surgical plan will be developed that addresses your needs to produce the results you desire.

Chin augmentation usually takes between 30 minutes and two hours to complete. After general anesthesia is administered and takes effect, your aesthetic surgeon will create a tiny incision inside the mouth or underneath the chin. Through this incision, a small pocket is created, and the implant is placed between the facial muscle and the jawbone to keep it in place firmly. The incision is sutured closed, and the treatment area is wrapped with a supportive compression garment.



You may experience mild bruising and swelling after chin augmentation. Sleeping in a reclined position, applying cold compresses to the area, and following all aftercare directions provided to you will help make your recovery faster and more comfortable. Any side effects should resolve within two weeks, at which point you may return to work. You may resume all physical activity after six to eight weeks of recovery.


Incisions created in the mouth will not be visible, and incisions placed under the chin are likely to be imperceivable. Following all postoperative instructions and avoiding exposing your incisions to direct sunlight will help any scarring fade. Genetics may also contribute to the visibility of your scars after a surgical procedure, but most chin augmentation scars tend to fade over time.


The cost of your chin augmentation depends on several things, including surgical fees and geographical location. We understand that pricing is a critical deciding factor when contemplating cosmetic surgery, but you should never sacrifice quality. We offer financing services for patients who qualify.


Some discomfort is expected following chin augmentation, but anesthesia ensures a pain-free experience during and for several hours after your procedure. Pain can be managed with oral pain medication.

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