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Who will be my surgeon?

In almost all cases, your surgeon will be the doctor you first met during your initial consultation. He will also be the same surgeon who will look after you during your routine post-operative visits and provide all of your post-operative care, including emergency care if required. If your surgeon is unavailable, another AesthetiCare surgeon is always on call 24 hours a day should you require emergency treatment or information. Occasionally, in the case of larger operations such as breast reduction or reconstruction, one of the other AesthetiCare surgeons may assist your doctor during the operation.

Where will the operation be performed?

All operations are performed at the AesthetiCare Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery Center located in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The center is both state licensed and federally (Medicare) certified and as such meets the highest standards of medical care.

What tests are required before surgery?

All patients undergoing general anesthesia will require basic blood and urine tests as well as a pregnancy test for women. Mammograms are required for all women older than 35 who are undergoing breast surgery. If you have a mammogram that is less than one year old, a copy of the report is sufficient.

Patients older than 50 years of age may need a chest x-ray and EKG at your surgeon’s discretion. Occasionally older patients, or those who may have serious underlying medical problems, may be required to have pre-operative clearance from their family physician. Your surgeon will advise you accordingly during your consultation.

How long does the operation take?

Not as long as you would think. All procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, require no overnight stay and usually take only a few hours.

You will have to arrive about an hour before surgery to check in with your surgical team and you’ll need to stay at least one hour after the operation to recover from the anesthesia. By then you’ll be back on your feet and a friend or relative will escort you home to recover in your own bed.

Will it hurt?

During the procedure, our anesthesia staff insures that you’re comfortable and feel no pain since you’ll be asleep through the entire operation. Sometimes smaller operations may allow the use of local or regional anesthesia. This will be discussed with you in detail during the initial consultation with your surgeon. If you have any special preferences, please let him know at that time.

After surgery any pain or discomfort you may experience can be controlled through medication prescribed by your surgeon and will usually subside within a matter of days.

How soon can I get back to work?

It depends greatly on the procedure, but on average most patients are back to work within 3 to 7 days. Some larger or more complicated operations may require additional time away from work.

Will everyone know I had surgery?

Usually not, since good surgery enhances your looks naturally and it often goes unnoticed. Friends may ask if you’ve been on vacation, a new diet or exercise regime, but typically they won’t know you’ve had surgery unless you tell them.

How long it will last?

Procedures that focus on rejuvenation, such as facelift, forehead lift, eyelid surgery and laser skin resurfacing and tightening, can last from 5 to 15 years depending on the type of operation performed.

Procedures that reshape or correct an imbalance, such as surgery of the nose, chin enhancement, breast augmentation, breast reduction and liposuction, usually offer permanent benefits that last a lifetime.

How long will it be till I can expect a final result?

This varies with the type of operation being performed. Generally there will be swelling and bruising for some time after surgery. Swelling will resolve slowly over weeks to several months, although most of it is gone in less than 30 days. Bruising is usually gone within a few weeks. The final optimal result can usually be appreciated a few months after surgery.

Will there be scars?

Yes, but they probably won’t be noticeable. Your surgeon will make every effort to keep scars as minimal as possible and try to hide them in the natural lines and creases of your skin.

For the majority of procedures your scars will fade over time and become barely noticeable.

What are the risks and complications?

As with any operation there are certain risks. The most common risks include bleeding, infection and significant scarring. Although these events are usually infrequent, they sometimes can occur. Specific potential complications vary with each type of operation and these will be discussed with you during your consultation with your surgeon. In very rare instances hospitalization may be required.

How much does it cost?

Less than you think. After years of being perceived as something only for the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery is now priced for everyone. People from all income brackets are undergoing surgery. In fact, half of the patients who undergo cosmetic surgery make less than $25,000 a year. Breakthroughs in medicine and outpatient surgery have brought the price of cosmetic surgery down considerably over the years, while the quality has gone up.

During your consultation our staff will be happy to tell you exactly how much your procedure will cost. Please keep in mind not all patients are alike and some will require a slightly different operation than others. In addition, the safety and quality of a surgery center tends to cost more than a doctor’s office operating suite. This may account for cost differences in the community between AesthetiCare and other surgeons. We are keenly aware of price competition from other doctors, so if this is a concern of yours, please let your counselor know so she may discuss it directly with your surgeon.

The costs listed below represent a range for the typical operation listed. You will receive a specific price quotation during your consultation visit. Some prices may vary depending on the complexity of the operation. Our staff is always happy to discuss these matters with you in more detail.




Facelift $4,715 $11,750
Forehead and Eyebrow Lift $2,270 $7,450
Eyelid Surgery $1,720 $5,000
Surgery of the Nose $2,590 $7,250
Chin Augmentation $1,720 $3,500
Cheek Augmentation $,1720 $3,500
Surgery of the Ear $2,590 $6,550
Laser Skin Resurfacing $1,565 $6,000
Breast Augmentation $3,800 $7,950
Breast Lift $4,640 $9,850
Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift $5,650 $11,500
Breast Reduction $5,000 $9,850
Breast Reconstruction Varies
Liposuction Starts at $1,585
Tummy Tuck $5,000 $10,500
Gynecomastia Surgery $1,580 $7,500

For your convenience, we accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also offer a wide variety of payment plans, including monthly payments.

Can I finance it?

100% financing is readily available and an accepted form of payment for cosmetic surgery. With low monthly payments, financing makes virtually every procedure instantly affordable.

Our office can give you all the details, either before or at your consultation. Approval usually only takes about twenty minutes. Even patients with “not so perfect” credit can usually be approved, but sometimes a co-signer may be necessary.

Your monthly payment will be determined by the amount of your down payment, the interest rate, and the terms of the loan.

What’s included in the cost of my operation?

Your operation will include the surgeon’s and anesthesiology professional fees, the outpatient surgery center facility charges, implants (if applicable) and all of your post-operative care. Lab tests, mammograms, x-rays, and other pre and post-operative tests and medications are not included.

What if I’m unhappy with my results?

Your AesthetiCare surgeons will do their best to give you the results you desire. Unfortunately, no one can offer a 100% guarantee that everything will go as planned. Occasionally, some patients may require a revision operation. Very rarely, a medical complication may arise or an implant will fail. That is why AesthetiCare has one of the ONLY limited lifetime warranty programs in the country.

Will insurance cover it?

Usually not, since cosmetic surgery is elective most insurance plans don’t cover it.

But there are exceptions. Some functional surgical procedures may be covered by health insurance, in part or in full, depending upon your health insurance policy and the procedure you are having performed. Your counselor will assist you with verification of coverage, completion of insurance forms, submission of your claims, and follow through on your behalf for maximum benefits.

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