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How to Optimize Your Facelift Results

Facelift patient of Dr. Moser Before and after photosThe final results of a facelift are the outcome of the techniques used during surgery and based on the patient’s ability to heal. While the patient does not have much control over these factors, there are many things patients can do to optimize their facelift results.

Follow Pre-and Post-operative Instructions

Patients can get better results and even shorten their recovery time if they follow the pre- and post-operative instructions. Dr. Moser provides his patients with a detailed list of drugs and supplements to avoid before and after surgery. Patients should also avoid smoking for at least three weeks before and after surgery to prevent poor incision healing. The face will also heal more quickly when the patient gets adequate rest and maintains a healthy diet.

Choose a Skilled and Experienced Surgeon

While surgery performed by a top plastic surgeon is often more expensive, a higher price does not always guarantee the best result. Patients can optimize their facelift results by choosing a surgeon who is highly experienced in the procedure of choice. Dr. Moser has performed hundreds of facelift surgeries and often perfects the final results with his extensive experience with laser skin resurfacing. During the patient consultation, he can show plenty of facelift before and after photos that showcase his satisfied clients.

Combine With Other Procedures for Optimal Results

Since a facelift alone will not add youthful volume to the face or improve forehead wrinkles, the procedure is often performed along with injectable fillers or a brow lift. Skin treatments like laser skin resurfacing will also improve skin texture and discoloration. Combining procedures will save the patient time in surgery and recovery and will minimize the overall cost of the procedures compared to if they were performed separately. The final result is a completely refreshed, youthful appearance devoid of wrinkles, sagging skin, and most other imperfections.

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