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How Do I Know if I Need a Breast Lift?

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A woman’s body goes through many changes over time that result in sagging breasts. Whether it’s because of age, pregnancy, or weight loss, many women seek to undergo breast lift/ enhancement to restore firmness and a perky breast shape for a more youthful appearance.

So, how can you determine if the way back to a more attractive and youthful-looking chest is through a breast lift?

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Generally, if you are satisfied with the size of your breasts but would like to improve the shape or address the sagging, a breast lift can be beneficial. If you desire considerable breast volume/increase in size, then other breast enhancement options would be more suitable. Unlike a breast augmentation procedure, a breast lift will not alter the size of your breasts.

Here are some common signs that indicate you are a good candidate for a breast lift.

Loose Skin on the Breasts

Breasts that look stretched out due to loose skin can cause significant self-esteem issues for any woman. As we get older, our collagen levels start to drop, leading to increased skin laxity. This creates a drooping breast appearance, which may make you more self-conscious about your breasts.

A breast lift can tighten the skin and reshape your breast for a more youthful look to your breasts.

Large Areolas

If you have significantly large areolas (the darker skin surrounding your nipples), it can make your breast look unnatural. A breast lift can help to reduce the diameter of your areola by removing excess skin around its peripheral edge.

Downward-Facing Nipples

Clinically referred to as ptosis, low-hanging nipples develop as the skin ages. If you notice that your nipples point downward or sit below your breast crease, a breast lift can help to reposition the nipples/areola to a more proportionate position.

Loss of Volume

If your breasts have lost volume and lack firmness and substance either due to pregnancy or significant weight loss, a breast lift in combination with an implant can be used to restore volume and balance.

Asymmetrical Breasts

It’s not uncommon to have breasts that visibly differ in size and shape. This could be as a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or hormones, causing one of the breasts to be positioned lower than the other. Slight asymmetry can be corrected with a breast lift.

Depending on the degree of asymmetry and breast droop, your surgeon can help you determine whether a breast lift will correct the issue or whether different techniques will be necessary.

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