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Full vs. Natural-Looking: How to Get Your Ideal Breast Augmentation Results

Breast Augmentation Before and After PhotosWhile certain physical traits are more desirable than others, there is no universal standard of beauty that will meet every individual’s needs. The “cookie-cutter” approach to plastic surgery is a thing of the past, as patients can now be more specific than ever with the image they want to portray. Whether you want a voluptuous, round breast appearance or a more natural look, there are a few breast augmentation options that may help you arrive at your goals. Of course, Dr. Moser will provide you with the most personalized surgical approach based on your desires and physical anatomy during a consultation.

Full and Round With Prominent Cleavage

Depending on a woman’s frame, certain breast augmentation choices will appear more or less flattering. You may want fuller breasts with more prominent cleavage, yet you still want your breasts to remain proportionate to the rest of your body. Implants that are too large or wide can give a noticeably fake or unnatural appearance. Dr. Moser can achieve the ideal balance of a full, round breast shape without giving a sure signal that you’ve had breast surgery. Implant placement beneath the breast tissue, rather than beneath the pectoral muscle, is one way to achieve more fullness at the upper pole of the breasts, which will also lead to more prominent cleavage.

Natural-Looking Breasts

Most breast implants are round, but a very natural-looking appearance can be achieved with silicone anatomically shaped implants. Anatomical implants also called “teardrop implants,” taper toward the top of the breast with round fullness that centers just behind the ideal nipple line. This shape most closely mimics the natural breast appearance. A subtle, natural-looking difference can also be achieved with either round or shaped implants that have a low profile or smaller width. Submuscular placement is also often a good option for patients who are thin or who have thin skin, as there is less risk of possible implant rippling showing through the skin.

While these choices may help you arrive at your breast augmentation goals, each surgery is completely customized to the patient, and the surgical steps are determined after a thorough assessment of your chest width, existing breast tissue, skin laxity, health history, and goals for the procedure.

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