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11 Questions to Ask Before Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Undergoing a breast enhancement procedure like breast augmentation surgery is an exciting prospect for many women. And while excitement means you’re doing the right thing for yourself, it’s equally important to be prepared. 

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Below, we’ve compiled a list of key questions to ask your aesthetic surgeon to get the most out of your breast surgery consultation. 

1. Are You a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon?

This should always be the first question you ask a prospective surgeon. 

It is not required for a surgeon to be board certified to perform cosmetic surgery. Board certification is a lengthy process that requires additional training and assessment, so a board-certified surgeon has proven their dedication. 

2. How Many Times a Year Do You Perform Breast Enhancement Surgery?

This is a great way of gauging your surgeon’s experience with breast enhancement surgery. 

Your surgeon may be board certified with decades of experience but may only perform breast enhancement surgeries a handful of times per year. At AesthetiCare, over 50% of the operations performed involve breast enhancement surgery.

You want to choose someone who is comfortable performing your surgery, is well-versed in the latest techniques and implant options, and has extensive experience with this specific procedure. Ideally, you should consider choosing a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast or body surgeries

3. Do You Offer Financing Options?

This may seem obvious, but you might be surprised at how many cosmetic surgeons do not offer financing options. While you might have been saving for your procedure for a few months or years, discussing all your options is always a good idea. 

As a surgeon who offers financing understands the importance of providing care for everyone. Additionally, even if you’ve been saving money, cosmetic surgery costs more than the procedure itself. You should consider time taken off of work, the cost of childcare or pet care, and other fees that aren’t detailed online. 

Financing can help make up the difference.

4. What Type of Implants Will I Be Receiving? 

During your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss your implant options, and you should be ready to share your input. Several types of implants are available, and it’s important to determine which types are the best for you. 

At AesthetiCare Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we offer many implant options to suit every patient’s unique needs. 

5. Where and How Will My Implants Be Placed?

Just as there are implant types to consider, there are also different placements and incision options for breast enhancement surgery. 

Your implants may be placed under (submuscular) or over the muscle (subglandular). Your surgeon may suggest the best choice based on your body type and the extent of natural breast tissue

Additionally, you may have a preference for the incision location. 

  • The inframammary option places the incision horizontally along the natural breast crease (where the breast meets the rib). 
  • The periareolar option involves making the incision around the bottom of the areola. 

Each option has pros and cons, with your surgeon making suggestions based on what is important for you as a patient, the healing process, and the type of implant you choose.

6. What Results Can I Realistically Expect After Implants?

Your surgeon should be able to tell you what you can expect from your procedure based on your body type, natural breast tissue, and the size and shape of your chosen implants. 

7. What Will My Recovery Be Like?

Breast enhancement recovery can be a process. You will have swelling, bruising, and limited range of motion for several days. 

You want a surgeon willing to tell you all the information about recovery — even the tough parts. This shows they have your safety at heart. It’s also important to know what your healing process will be like so you can plan ahead. Yes, breast enhancement surgery is a very common cosmetic procedure, but it’s still actual surgery that requires ample recovery time. 

8. Are There Risks and Complications With This Surgery?

Every surgical procedure has risks; just like the recovery process, you need to know what you’re getting into. Your surgeon can detail the risks and complications so you can go into the procedure fully prepared.

9. May I See Before and After Photos?

Not only can you see the surgeon’s work, you can learn more about the specifics of different procedures, so you can get a good idea of what you’d like for your own. 

While every patient is different, you can see the difference between silicone and saline. 

10. How Much Will My Breast Enhancement Surgery Cost?

Once you have discussed implant type, under over over the muscle placement, and incision location, your surgeon can estimate your cost. This will be a much more accurate representation of your total cost than what you can find online, as your surgeon can include the specifics unique to your procedure. 

Some of these factors contributing to the cost include surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and facility fees

11. Will You Be Available After My Surgery if I Have Questions?

No matter how prepared you are, you may still have questions. In this case, you need access to your surgeon for questions specific to you and your procedure. At AesthetiCare, your surgeon is always available 24/7.

Always make sure your surgeon is available for your preoperative and postoperative questions — it shows they value you and your safety!

Interested in Breast Augmentation in Newport Beach, CA?

Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced in breast enhancement surgery. If you want more information, call our Newport Beach office at (949) 722-6603 to schedule a consultation. 

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