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What to Look For in a Breast Revision Surgeon

What to Look For in a Breast Revision Surgeon

Almost one out of every 10 cosmetic breast operations will require revision at some time during a patient’s lifespan.

Cosmetic breast revision surgery is one of those sub-specialties that requires literally years of experience to enable a surgeon to do a good job. Although breast revision surgery is becoming more common due to the very large number of patients who have undergone cosmetic breast surgery during last 40 years, complications requiring revision are seen in less than two percent of those patients. It takes a busy, successful surgeon with at least 20 years in practice to have seen and treated enough patients to gather the experience to be able to address most all of the problems one may see in a lifetime of surgical practice.

Dr. Moser, who has been performing cosmetic breast surgery since 1987, has seen almost every complication imaginable. Dr. Moser has gained an outstanding nationwide reputation for treating even the most severe cosmetic breast surgery complications. Many of Dr. Moser’s cosmetic breast surgery peers have referred to him their most complicated cases from around the county. Dr. Moser is an active instructor for other surgeons wanting to learn both the art and science of cosmetic breast surgery in general and treatment of post-operative complications in particular.

Dr Moser’s kind, caring and compassionate approach to your breast surgery complications will provide you with all the options available to improve your previous unsatisfactory post-operative result. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Moser will review your past breast surgery history and perform a complete breast examination. He will then provide you with what current technological alternatives are available to help you better understand your options for corrective surgery. For those patients living outside the Southern California area, Dr. Moser is available for a pre-consultation evaluation by telephone to ascertain if you are a candidate for revision surgery. Please call our office at 1-800-662-1055 to schedule an appointment.

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