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Don’t Sweat It – Try BOTOX® for Underarm Protection

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Excessive underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) can be embarrassing and even stop you from participating in social activities or cause you to hide your sweat with layers of clothing. Excessive sweating can also be physically uncomfortable, causing your skin to become red and irritated.

If you’re tired of battling the moisture under your arms and are ready to feel comfortable and confident in your own body, BOTOX® injections can help.
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What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is categorized as excessive perspiration (sweating) that occurs on the:

  • Underarms
  • Palms
  • Face
  • Scalp
  • Feet

What makes this “excessive” is that it typically does not occur at normal times, i.e., during exercise or in high temperatures. Sweating is the body’s natural temperature regulation response, but when someone has hyperhidrosis, it occurs in excessive amounts at random.

This does not mean you have more sweat glands than others; your sweat glands are hypersensitive.

People who have hyperhidrosis often feel embarrassed by their excessive sweat, avoid social situations, and therefore can experience social isolation.

Who May Have Hyperhidrosis?

Primary hyperhidrosis is generally inherited, but secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by another condition, which may include:

  • Neurological syndromes
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Menopause
  • Certain medications

BOTOX® for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

If you have axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating), you’ve most likely tried everything. And when even medical-grade antiperspirant doesn’t do the trick, it can be extremely frustrating.

Luckily, a minimally invasive treatment effectively reduces underarm sweat: BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA) is a neuromodulator effective for various medical conditions, including movement disorders.

How Does BOTOX® Treat Excessive Underarm Sweating?

BOTOX® is a neuromodulator that blocks nerves and muscle stimulation, depending on where it is administered. To treat underarm sweating, BOTOX® is used to block the chemical signals from the overactive nerves that stimulate sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat produced.

What Can I Expect From Hyperhidrosis Treatment with BOTOX®?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical diagnosis that must be determined by your primary doctor. Once you have been formally diagnosed, your medical provider will conduct an initial consultation.

During treatment, BOTOX® is carefully administered directly into the underarms. The injection is shallow and results in very little pain or discomfort. There is no downtime or aftercare required.

Following treatment, you can expect to see a reduction in underarm sweating as soon as 2 to 4 days after, with full results noted after 2 weeks. In clinical studies, patients who receive BOTOX® for hyperhidrosis of the underarms see an average of 82-87% decrease in sweating.

You can enjoy drier underarms for 4 to 12 months after treatment, and with consistent use, the results may last even longer.

What Are the Risks of BOTOX® for Hyperhidrosis?

BOTOX® is considered a safe and low-risk treatment for hyperhidrosis. The underarms are only responsible for 2% of the body’s sweat response, so minimizing the amount of sweat they produce does not affect your overall temperature regulation.

Be sure to report any medical conditions or medications during your consultation to ensure this procedure is safe for you.

 Interested in Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Southern California?

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